5 Ways To Prepare Your Property For A New Aluminum Fence

5 Tips To Prepare Your Property For A New Fence

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You’ve finally made the decision to invest in a new aluminum fence and installation day is quickly approaching. What can you do to ensure that the fence installation process goes smoothly? The team at Best Outdoor Living Products has put together a checklist of things you may want to consider doing before your new fence is installed.

How To Prepare Your Property For A New Fence 

Aluminum fencing is a popular choice among contractors and DIY homeowners because it is easy to install, very attractive, and extremely low maintenance. Privacy fencing made from aluminum is perfect for both residential and commercial applications. Whether you’re paying someone else to install the fence or you’re doing it yourself, here are a few steps you can take to prepare. 

Learn About Local & HOA Regulations 

In many local communities there are fencing regulations in place that determine what type of fencing can be installed, how close a fence can be to a property line, and how high it can be. In many cases, building permits must be obtained prior to installation.

Home Owners Associations are also typically very strict when it comes to fence installation. If you live in an HOA community, be sure to check the guidelines before you purchase and install your aluminum fence.

Talk With Your Neighbors 

It’s always a good idea to simply give your neighbors a warning that construction noise and disturbance is about to occur. Telling them about your plans is not only courteous but it may help to prevent any future quarrels. 

Mark Your Property Line

It can be tempting to simply assume that you know where your property line is, however, it’s best to double check prior to installing your new fence. Your Local Zoning Department should have copies of maps that show the exact dimensions of your plot of land. Another option is to hire a licensed surveyor to deteriorate your property lines. 

Identify Obstacles That Could Change Your Fence 

Obvious obstacles like trees or large rocks will impact where a fence can be installed unless those obstacles are removed.

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However, slopes can be a challenge as well that many property owners don’t initially think of. Although it is possible to install fences on a slope, it might impact your overall budget. 

Check With Your Utility Companies 

One of the worst mistakes that can be made during an aluminum fence installation is to dig and hit a cable line, electrical line, or water pipe. Not only will the township or county potentially fine you, but you’ll likely anger neighbors who have their electricity and water shut off until repairs are made. 

By checking with your utility company beforehand, you’ll prevent a potential disaster from happening. 

Aluminum Privacy Fencing: Strong, Secure, And Beautiful 

There are many benefits to aluminum fencing: 

  1. Aluminum will never rust. Unlike iron fences, aluminum fencing will never rust. You’ll never have to worry about unsightly rust spots again. 
  2. Aluminum fencing is low maintenance. Yearly upkeep is minimal. You’ll never have to paint aluminum fences or check damage caused by rot and insects. 
  3. Available colors can match your existing decor. At Best Outdoor Living Products, we offer aluminum privacy fences in a multitude of colors, ensuring you can find the best match for your home or business.
  4. Additional security. It’s much more difficult for unwelcome visitors to get around or over an aluminum fence. For example, an intruder would simply have to cut through a chain link fence, something that can’t be done to an aluminum fence. 
  5. Sustainability. While we don’t anticipate that you’ll ever want to remove your fence, the reality is that aluminum is a highly recyclable material.

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