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Fence Installers:
Are You Selling the Dream?

Fence Installers

Installing decks, pergolas, pavilions, screen rooms,
retractable awnings, porch railing, ADA rail, outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, working with hardscape companies, block firepits, patios and retaining walls: drop-offs that often require fence or railing to prevent falls.

Most of you have been at it for years, building your reputations to the point where referrals are sustaining your businesses. Some of you have realized that the existing customer database of hundreds and even thousands of names is one of the most valuable resources you own for growing your businesses. These customers already know you and trusted you enough to have their fence installed
by your company. Hopefully as a businessperson you were wise enough to give them the finest customer service along with quality products at a fair price. You made each customer feel special, important, and cherished. This is the key to a long-term relationship.

If you have this existing customer database, it can put you on the fast track to growing your business through diversification. The opportunities in the outdoor living products residential commercial marketplace are vast. Why leave that to others?

Expand your thinking — you are not just installing a fence. Help your customers dream about what their backyard will look like in a few years. Help them see this space as an oasis, and show them the joy it brings to all who see it. The fence you install is the picture frame to the back-yard portrait they dream of creating.

Are you offering upgrades and sharing information with them about why they should be considered? Or are you just quoting the cheapest fence you have available?

I spent the better part of twenty years sitting across the kitchen table selling the dream of the backyard oasis, the perfect staycation location. Customers find value in a caring consultant who helps them explore options, upgrades and think outside the box.

We really are in the business of creating desirable outdoor living space for each of our customers. The outdoor living products we sell are simply the tools we use to
accomplish the goal and brings their dreams into reality. In upcoming issues, we will discuss the creation of multiple destinations within the limited space of a backyard. Privacy fence versus open picket fences, aluminum and vinyl or wood. Sloped lots, terraces and retaining walls.