3 Reasons To Install An Outdoor Shower 

Here are just a few of the reasons for installing an outdoor shower: 

Leave The Dirt Outside

If you have a shore or lake house, you understand how frustrating it can be to have sand and dirt tracked into the house after an afternoon of fun in the water. An outdoor shower ensures that the dirt can be rinsed off outside, making it easy to keep indoor areas clean. 

Keep A Pool Clean 

Pool owners understand how much debris can be tracked into a pool upon entry. When an outdoor shower is in place, debris can be rinsed off before getting in the pool and chlorine can be rinsed off after! Outdoor showers can be beneficial for both

Wash Pets Outside

Washing pets, especially dogs, can be challenging. Once the bath is over, it can be difficult to get a dripping wet dog from the bathroom to an outdoor area where they can bask in the sun and dry off. With an outdoor shower, pets can be washed quickly and allowed to shake off and dry outside without creating a mess inside. 

The Different Types Of Outdoor Showers 

There are several different types of outdoor showers to choose from.

  1. Portable Showers
  2. Stand Alone Showers
  3. Stationary Showers

Best Outdoor Living Products offers stationary outdoor showers made by AVCON. 

Avcon Double Enclosure Surfboard
Avcon Double Enclosure Bathroom

Shower Enclosure Kits – Install Your Own Outdoor Shower Enclosure

AVCON outdoor shower enclosures are made from high quality and durable materials. The frames, headers, and posts are made from heavy gauge aluminum that is welded together and covered in a powder coating. The side panels and optional roof are made from vinyl. All other hardware is stainless steel. 

These materials are perfect for outdoor showers because they won’t rust, splinter, or peel. UV inhibitors are included during the vinyl extrusion process so that the vinyl won’t become brittle. AVCON outdoor shower enclosures are easy to clean and maintain. 

DIYers will love how easy it is to install any of the shower enclosures offered in our online store. A full instillation manual is included and only a few tools are required, including a tape measure, screw gun, level, 1/2” socket wrench, and silicone. 

Can AVCON Shower Enclosures Be Left Outside Year Round? 

Yes. AVCON shower enclosures are manufactured to withstand the elements in all climates. However, the showerhead and faucets are designed to be removed from the enclosure for cold weather storage if need be. 

How Is The Plumbing Installation Handled? 

If hot and cold hose bibs exist on the property, then you or a plumber can simply attach to the shower. If not, a new hot and cold line will need to be run to the chosen location. Any shower kit can be used. 

Are AVCON Shower Enclosures Freestanding Or Attached? 

All AVCON shower enclosure kits are freestanding and self supporting, however, they can be attached to a structure if desired. 

Outdoor Shower Kits With A Limited Lifetime Warranty

Each AVCON enclosure comes with a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees against defects in workmanship and materials. This warranty is provided to the original purchaser.