Avcon Outdoor Enclosures

AVCON enclosures are a beautiful addition to any home and the perfect solution to a unique problem, privacy. Because personal privacy is necessary in outdoor living environments, our enclosures are manufactured using high quality, weather resistant materials that will give you years of use and peace of mind. A time-tested recipe of ingredients and UV inhibitors in our vinyl ensures color fastness and prevents brittleness, mold, and mildew. This means your unit will maintain its new look for years.

Structural Integrity

The side-wall panels and optional roof are made using the same high-end outdoor grade Vinyl. Structurally, each individual tongue panel contains and internal series of reinforcement “ribs” that are unique and invisible. In addition to strength this provides additional rigidity, wind resistance and helps against “oil canning”, a condition prevalent in other extrusions. All hardware is 316 exterior grade Stainless Steel. Lesser grades of Stainless-steel do rust.

Powder Coated Aluminum Components

Additional strength is achieved by our use of welded aluminum frames. All posts, frames, headers feature heavy gauge aluminum, It is important to know that all aluminum parts are not painted, but rather undergo a precise treatment of Powder Coating. All Powder Coating meets (AAMA 2604) Specifications, guaranteed not to chip, fade or rust and especially designed and tested against harsh coastal and moist conditions.

Customize Your Avcon Enclosures

There are multiple color options for the walls, and flooring. Accessory options include: a corner bench, 2 sizes of free-standing benches, a towel bar, hook bar and louvered roof. The roof has the option of pergola or flat end caps. The floor decking is an outdoor weatherable composite, spaced for drainage and constructed in two parts for convenience of removal to clean or store.

Easy Installation and Additional Features

Installation is easy with basic carpentry skills. The panel receiving the shower head and faucet are prepared with cutouts ensuring easy installation by you or your installer and comes with easy to follow instructions. For ease of access, or in the event you want to store your shower head and faucet panel away, it is designed for easy removal. Design features allows easy expansion to a larger model if desired. Privacy is a part of any model as there are no openings that allow anyone to see inside.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Proudly made in the USA. AVCON Enclosures are backed by a Limited lifetime warranty, Trust in the warranty you receive is assures as AVCON enters its fourth decade manufacturing quality products.

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