It doesn’t matter if the setting is city, suburban, or rural – sitting around a fire with family and friends is a beloved pastime for many. But a universally acknowledged issue associated with fire pits is the inevitable moment where smoke is blown directly into the face of a participant causing them to cough and their eyes to water. Ultimately, what was once a relaxing activity can become a frustrating experience, with each person regularly shifting their seating to avoid smoke.

What if you could relax around the fire without having to fight for a seat that isn’t smokey? Well, now you can!

Burly Fire Pits – Go Almost Entirely Smokeless

Burly Fire Pits are specially designed to almost entirely eliminate smoke. Superior materials and smart design have resulted in a two-piece unit that forces hot air to circulate between the sections through holes in a flange. This helps smoke to burn off and also introduces oxygen back into the fire!

Not only does this wood-burning fire pit system help to reduce smoke, but it also helps to improve radiant heat, helping to keep visitors warm on the coldest of nights.

The Perfect Portable Fire Pit

Are you looking for a fire pit that you can easily move, clean, and store? You’ve found it!

Best Outdoor Living Products offers the:

  • Burly Gather Fire Pit: Assembled this fire bowl weighs 72 pounds.
  • Burly Scout Fire Pit: Assembled this fire bowl weighs 43 pounds.

It’s easy to break down each of these attractive fire features and transport the two pieces into storage! That makes either option the perfect addition to an outdoor space or even to be used on the go in an RV!

Fire Pits Coated In High-Temperature Paint To Prevent Rust

Both the Gather and Scout fire pits are made from carbon steel and the matte black models are coated in high-temperature paint. These features help to ensure that your portable fire bowl will be slow to rust.

Over time, the high-temperature paint will thin. Additional touch-up paint can be purchased to refresh the inner coating.

Using the Burly snuffer lid and storing the fire feature under a cover can also help to prevent rusting.


Frequently Asked Questions About Burly Fire Pits

At Best Outdoor Living Products we want you to have an exceptional experience with any products you purchase from us. We are focused on providing an excellent customer service experience and are happy to answer any questions that you might have about these phenomenal fire bowls!

Some of the most commonly asked questions include:

Is It OK To Use Starter Logs In My Burly?

Yes, you can use starter logs in either the Scout or the Gather model.



Burley Gather Fire Pit

Can Pellets Be Used In My Burly?

No, these carbon steel fire pits are not designed to burn wood pellets, only hardwood.

How Do I Clean My Burly Fire Pit?

Cleaning your Burly is easy! Once the fire bowl is cool, lift the inner unit out. Then, life the outer section by the handles and dump the ash. This process should be done after every 2-3 burns.

Will My Deck Be Damaged If I Use A Burly On It?

We always recommend that you place your new fire pit on concrete or brick pavers to buffer the intense heat given off. If used directly on a deck or stone patio, the heat could cause damage.

Is There A Warranty?

Burly Fire Pits come with a 2-year limited warranty against any manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, water damage, or normal wear and tear.