Reasons To Install A Fence In The Fall

Can A Privacy Fence Be Installed In The Fall?

Eclipse Privacy Fence in beige made from aluminum

It’s easy to understand why spring and summer are typically when home and business owners choose to have a new fence installed. The warmer months inspire many to spend as much time as possible in their outdoor environment, often highlighting the need for a fence. However, these aren’t the only seasons during which a fence can be easily installed. 

Why Should I Consider Installing A Privacy Fence In The Fall? 

Here’s why you should install a fence this fall: 

Cool Weather Is Perfect For Construction Projects

It’s never fun to work in scorching summer temperatures and oppressive humidity. The heat of spring and summer can actually put workers at risk for serious health concerns like heat stroke or severe sunburn. These risks are eliminated in the fall!

You may even find that the fence installation is completed faster than anticipated thanks to the cooler weather!

Fall Fence Installations Cause Less Damage To Landscapes

Gardens bring color and life to any part of a property. During the fall, the majority of plants go dormant and wither. This allows a fence to be installed without disturbing new leaves and gorgeous blooms. 

If necessary, many dormant perennials can be transplanted to make room for the new fence.

A new fence line also provides a backdrop that is simply  begging for the addition of a border garden! Spend the fall and winter months planning and designing a new garden! 

Skip The Lines In The Fall! 

If you’re having a contractor install your new aluminum privacy fence, you’ll likely have to wait weeks or even months if you contact them for a spring or summer installation. 

In the fall, many contractors can fit in last minute installations with no problem! 

Enjoy Your New Fence Immediately Next Spring

The number one reason to install a privacy fence in the fall is so that next spring you can immediately enjoy the benefits that come with it! 

Shop For Quality Aluminum Privacy Fence

At Best Outdoor Living Products we carefully select every product that we offer for sale. We understand how important it is for fencing to be strong, secure, and durable. That’s why we offer a wide range of privacy fence options from Ultra. 

Choose from Eclipse™ Privacy Fence, Eclipse VP™ Privacy Fence, and Eclipse™ Air Louvered Privacy Fence. Each is made from powder-coated aluminum that won’t rot, crack, or peel when exposed to the elements. The Eclipse VP™ Privacy Fence can be used with any standard 7.8″ x 6″ T&G vinyl panel.

Contact our team today with any questions you have about fall fence installation or our products.