Fences And Child Safety: Which Type Of Fence Is Best?

Child Safety And Fences: Factors That Need To Be Considered

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When you become a parent, you immediately realize that your children are a factor in every single decision that you make. At home, the ultimate goal is to create a safe and healthy environment. One way to increase the safety and security of your property is to install a fence. But which type of fence is best when keeping a child’s safety in mind? 

Factors To Consider When Installing A Fence To Keep Kids Safe

Here are the factors that parents should keep in mind when shopping for a new fence.

Fence Material 

There are many materials that a fence can be made out of: wood, plastic, iron, steel, and aluminum. While each of these materials have their benefits, it’s aluminum fencing that really stands out from the rest. 

Parents will never have to worry about splinters with an aluminum fence. It won’t crack, peel, warp, or rust. Aluminum is lightweight, making it very easy to install, but it’s as strong as any other material, providing superb durability and security. Available in many colors, a powder coated aluminum fence can be matched to any existing décor. 

Flat Fence Rail Tops

Ornamental spears on the top of aluminum fences should typically be avoided in homes with kids. 

Secure Gates 

A matching gate is a must for any fence. But as every parent knows, small children love to learn how to open and close things! When choosing a fence and matching gate, be sure that the latch is secure and that an extra lock can be added if needed. 

The Ability To Climb 

Kids love to climb! Fences made of materials like horizontal steel cable or chain link make it easy for kids to not only climb but also potentially get hurt. Instead, a fence with smooth vertical rails or a solid privacy fence should be installed to prevent climbers from escaping!


A fence should be tall enough to provide the desired level of safety, regardless of style. Typically this means at least a minimum of 48’’ or 4’, although many parents opt for a 6’ fence.

For homes with pools, the minimum height required by law is 48’’, with no more than a 2’’ gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground. Pool fences have saved countless lives, preventing children from going in the water unattended. 

Aluminum Fencing Is Perfect For Commercial Applications Too 

Aluminum fencing isn’t just for homes. This low-maintenance and durable fence is perfect for commercial applications where child safety is of great importance, such as in:

  • Playgrounds
  • Zoos
  • Daycares
  • Schools
  • Public Pools
  • Waterparks
  • Amusement Parks

Aluminum fencing is great for commercial projects because it can be installed in any climate and on slopes, in addition to the other benefits it provides. 

Shop Attractive, Secure, And Durable Fencing

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