72" High Privacy Panel | Best Outdoor Living Products | Ultra Aluminum

72″ High Privacy Panel features strength and durability that you just can’t get from typical vinyl or wood railing systems. The ideal privacy panel for a residential, commercial or industrial application, to contain or shield air conditioning equipment, dumpsters, pipes, and electrical systems. Eclipse™ privacy screening won’t rack and wobble. It is designed to last for years and years without the worry of ongoing maintenance.
You won’t find many privacy railing panel systems with this amazing combination of attributes. You can’t get it with wood or steel. It must be Ultra Aluminum™ fencing.
Ultra Eclipse Air provides a 72″ High Privacy Panel that is a beautiful low-maintenance louvered privacy screening is manufactured with Ultrum™ alloy, with a minimum strength of 35,000 psi. Eclipse Air™ panels are as strong as steel, but will never rust.