3" Aluminum Privacy Post | Best Outdoor Living Products | Ultra Privacy

You won’t find many 3″ Aluminum Privacy Post systems with this amazing combination of attributes. You can’t get it with wood or steel. It must be Ultra Aluminum™ fencing.

Privacy with Strength
Eclipse™ aluminum 3″ Aluminum Privacy Posts features strength and durability that you just can’t get from typical vinyl or wood railing systems. The ideal privacy panel for a residential, commercial or industrial application, to contain or shield air conditioning equipment, dumpsters, pipes, and electrical systems. Eclipse™ privacy screening won’t rack and wobble. It is designed to last for years and years without the worry of ongoing maintenance.

Powercoat™ Finish—panels, gates, posts and designer accessories. When applied, Powercoat, Which meets AAMA 2604 Standards, is twice the thickness and hardness of a typical acrylic, baked enamel, or “wet paint” finish, making it more durable, fade-resistant and scratch-resistant than other coatings.