Best Outdoor Living Products FAQ


I have a retaining wall around my block patio and want to make it more secure, should I use fence or deck railing?

If there is more than 30″ of drop on the backside of the retaining wall you should use our deck railing which has been tested for fall protection. UltraMax Railing is CCRR Code Approved #0278. Always check with your local building code officials on questionable construction applications and life safety issues.

Fence is typically installed where the ground is on the same plane of either side of the installation. As a result, fence is not required to meet the same lateral load testing that railing products need to meet. 


Do I need to add lift-gate service to my shipment / delivery?

All of our fence panel + posts orders and/or fence panel + gates + posts orders that ship LTL Freight consist of your products being boxed, shrink wrapped and palatalized. Therefore, if you’re a home owner, we don’t recommend a lift-gate. The driver will pull all your products to the edge of the back of the truck and you can simply tear open the shrink wrap and pull the boxes right off the truck. Panels are packaged typically 6 – 8 panels per box, posts are packaged separately and gates are packaged separately. We do have an optional lift gate service, however, for home owners it’s really not necessary because you can quickly carry the boxes off the truck.

For businesses that have a forklift, you can grab the entire pallet(s) off the truck. This would definitely come in handy for larger orders which are more common with businesses.

I want to install my fence posts on an existing concrete slab, How is this done?

You will order your posts with our optional Welded Plate.  The welded plate option is where we weld a plate on the bottom of your post at the factory, then we powder coat the entire post so that there is one consistent finish.  All welded plates have 4 pre-drilled holes.  Post Charts and plate measurements are available in the post section of the website. 


Can I mount your fence panels to stone or brick pillars? Is there an optional mounting bracket?

Yes, our Standard Mounting Brackets will work well for this application. Standard brackets are fixed, they do not move.  We also offer Horizontal Swivel Mounting Brackets for applications where the fence will not be fixed at a 90° angle to the column.  In addition to this, a Vertical Swivel Mounting Bracket is available for situations where there is significant grade. You will need to supply your own anchor screws specific to the material to which you are anchoring the brackets.  

 What is the lead time for my fence order? 

Lead time will vary during the season, at this point it is approximately 6-7 weeks.

What is the lead time for my order of any product you offer? 

Lead times will vary. We represent many manufacturers and each of them operates independently. Each of them wants your product delivered as quickly and safely as possible.  

Do I have to pay for my Fence order in full? I don’t want to spend all that money and wait three months to get my order.

Full payment is required at the time of order due to the fact that your fence is being custom built just for you. Your selection of fence style, color, options, posts, gates etc. make your fence unique. This order is not a stock item. It can not be sold off the shelf. 

How soon will my lighting order ship? 

Typically the lighting products are in stock on the shelf and will ship in 2 days.