What Is An Ornamental Fence And Why Install One?

Facts About Ornamental Fences

black ornamental fence

When you begin the journey of shopping for a new fence you will discover a wide variety of styles, heights, widths, materials, and designs. One style of fence that is an excellent choice for both homeowners and business owners is ornamental fencing

What Is Ornamental Fencing? 

Ornamental fencing is an attractive fence style that offers a way to secure a property without obstructing a view. The top of the fence can have spears like a picket fence or a flat top. Residential, Commercial, and Industrial ornamental fencing available in our online store is made from aluminum

Aluminum: An Excellent Fence Material

What is it that makes aluminum fences so popular? When a fence is made from aluminum, it is:

  1. Durable: On a chemical level, aluminum isn’t vulnerable to rust. It also won’t fade over time, even when exposed to the elements. 
  2. Low-Maintenance: Forget about yearly paint jobs and upkeep. Simply clean an aluminum fence when needed. 
  3. Secure: Aluminum is strong, stronger than wood. It will help keep any property safe and secure. 

Is Ornamental Fence Rackable? 

Yes! All ornamental aluminum fences available at Best Outdoor Living Products are rackable, making it very easy to install on a sloped surface, creating a polished look. Rackable fences help to eliminate gaps between the bottom of the fence and the ground, making it difficult for pets to slip out or wildlife to slip in. 

For areas with particularly steep hills and valleys, Ultra Aluminum Fence can be factory designed to conform. 

Customize Your Ornamental Fence

Yes, it is possible to choose midrails, circles, scrolls, and finials. Custom widths and heights can also be created. Once fully assembled, each fence has a Powercoat™ finish applied. This finish is available in many attractive colors. 

Ultra Powercoat™ Finish: The Ultimate Protection For Fences

Ultra Powercoat™ is a powder coating that bonds with the metal. This powder coating meets AAMA 2604 specifications and performs exceptionally well in salt spray, humidity, and color retention. 

In order to obtain this accreditation, the Ultra Powercoat™ had to undergo more than 3000 hours of rigorous testing and exposure to the elements and chemicals. 

Can Ornamental Fence Be Used Around A Pool?

Yes. There are several ornamental fence options available in our online store that meet Pool Code. This is noted in the product title on each page. 

Contact Best Outdoor Living Products With Your Fence Questions 

If you have any questions about ornamental fences or would like help determining how much fence you need to purchase for your property, contact our team. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.