How Is Powder Coating Applied To Railing And Fencing?

How Is Powder-Coating Applied To Fences and Railing?

Ultra Aluminum Fence covered in powder-coating

Every Ultra Aluminum product comes complete with the PowerCoat™ finish. This finish enhances the already impressive durability of aluminum. Available in a variety of colors, PowerCoat™ finish allows home and business owners to install fencing and railing that matches their design needs. 

What Is Powder-Coating And How Is It Applied?

Powder-coating is made of pigments, resin, curatives, leveling agents, and other additives that are combined in a dry powder. This coating helps to protect from daily wear and tear, UV exposure, and more. 

The Process Of Applying Powder-Coating

The powder-coating process requires specialized equipment, including protective equipment for those applying the coating, a curing oven, and a powder-coating machine or gun. 

Here are the steps required for proper coating:

  1. Preparation: The surface onto which the powder will adhere needs to be cleaned. This process can involve chemical cleaning and physical cleaning methods, such as sandblasting. 
  2. Powder Application: The most common method of applying powder-coating is to use an electrostatic gun. This device is designed to impart a positive electric charge to the powder. Once charged, the particles are attracted to something that is “grounded”, which in this case, is aluminum. The powder sticks to the metal as it leaves the gun.
  3. Curing: Once completely coated the section is moved to the curing oven which is heated to temperatures between 325℉ to 450℉. Once inside the oven, the powder melts and forms a continuous film. 

Once cooled, the fencing or railing can then be packaged.

Is A Powder-Coat Better Than Paint? 

Yes. Paint can drip and run off, causing visual irregularities. Paint requires a significant period of time to dry. It’s also less durable than powder-coating and only lasts for a short period of time before requiring retouching. 

Powder coats can easily last for 15-20 years. 

Ultra Aluminum™ Powercoat™ Is The Best In The Industry

The Ultra Aluminum™ Powercoat™ that comes on every fencing and railing kit is the best in the industry. It meets and exceeds the AAMA 2604 Standards for Powder-Coated Aluminum Extrusions. 

It can withstand UV exposure, sand, wind, rain, ice, and snow while still maintaining a fresh appearance. 

This Powercoat™ finish ensures that the maintenance requirements for any installed fencing or railing are minimal. Simply wash with mild soap, like dish soap, or use a power washer on a low setting to remove any debris. 

Invest In Fencing and Railing That Will Last For Decades

When the time comes to install a new fencing or railing system, the best choice is typically aluminum. For both commercial and residential projects, aluminum provides the strength, durability, and quality that is required to secure a space of any size. 

A huge selection of styles is available in a variety of colors. 

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