YUKON Structural Hex Lag Screws | Best Outdoor Living Products

YUKON Structural Hex Lag Screws are our perfect resource for high performance structural lag needs.

Small Washer Hex Head

YUKON Structural Hex Lag Screws with 5/16″ Hex Head for a powerful torque transmission and easy installation. The built-in washer underneath the head provides great holding power and works well for heavy duty applications.

Twin Blades™

(patent pending) This set of knurls cuts fast to dramatically reduce friction and heat on the shank, while reducing load on the drill. They also provide better performance by removing debris faster than a standard fastener’s knurl.

Fast Start Tip

YUKON Lag Screws are manufactured with sharp threads all the way to the tip, the fastener has an immediate grip for a fast start. The inset thread cut drastically reduces the splitting effect and minimizes the driving torque needed to engage the wood.

Common Applications
Heavy duty lumber
Deck framing
And Much more!