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Strong. Beautiful. Low Maintenance.
Aluminum Privacy Fence Panels, solid panel fence with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. ULTRA Eclipse Aluminum Privacy fence Panels stand above the competition. You won’t find many privacy railing panel systems with this amazing combination of attributes. First, the top rail and bottom rail are railing components that are of greater strength than most fences. Second, the vertical T&G panels are 5″ wide x .75″ thick and provide stout security. All-aluminum Eclipse™ Privacy Panels are available 6′ wide by 4′, 5′, and 6′ high sections. Manufactured with Ultrum™ alloy, our aluminum fence panels are as strong as steel, but will never rust. Eclipse™ Privacy Panels meet or exceed the worldwide standard of ASTM E330 Uniform Wind load testing standards as well as ASCE 7-10 Wind Loading Analysis for the freestanding fence.

Eclipse™ Aluminum Privacy Fence Panels won’t rack, wobble, rot, crack or peel. Truly a design to last a lifetime without the worry of ongoing maintenance. Giving you peace of mind along with your purchase is not something we take lightly, so rest assured when you choose Best Outdoor Living Products you will never need to worry about a product not living up to expectations.

Something New

Solid Aluminum Privacy Fence Panels are quickly becoming a new normal in Aluminum Fencing. Merging aesthetics and function can sometimes be a difficult marriage, but Ultra Eclipse Solid Aluminum Privacy Fence Panels are more than an answer – they are perfect. With countless color and style configurations, your decor doesn’t have to fit into a box. We are here to work with you in the design and decision process so that you can feel comfortable in what you will be bringing to your home.

An aluminum privacy fence is an outstanding choice for privacy and protection. Best Outdoor Living Products offers shadowbox and board-on-board style fences. Every aluminum privacy fencing panel we sell comes with a lifetime warranty and is maintenance-free – you’ll never have to worry about your fence falling apart when you purchase Best Outdoor Living Products.

Best Outdoor Living Products Aluminum Privacy

Best Outdoor Living Products offers Fence from Ultra Aluminum are available in multiple colors and are by far the strongest. Our Aluminum Privacy Fence is five times stronger than any Vinyl Privacy fence. Stronger than any competitors exempt at solid Aluminum sections. The Ultra aluminum privacy fence uprights have tongue and groove options and are manufactured so perfect that it’s a joy to assemble this fence as you build it on the job and it is beautiful when completed absolutely gorgeous. Best Outdoor Living Products is proud to offer ultra aluminum fences.

All In One Place

Best Outdoor Living Products offers three aluminum privacy fence panels – all providing a unique and functional addition to a home or business. Take some time off… and relax… right in your own backyard. Create a safe and secure play area for your children. Ultra aluminum privacy fence satisfies a timely need as the next generation in privacy and security fencing. Developed literally from the ground up, Ultra solves the common problems associated with wood, composite privacy fences. No nails to come out, no wood to upkeep or keep from breaking… and no maintenance!

Our aluminum privacy fence extrusions were designed for simple and fast installation while providing the highest strength necessary for security. Uniquely designed, interlocking panels provide complete privacy. High strength aluminum permits spanning farther and higher without extra braces and supports, creating a good neighbor fence. The powder coat finish allows for multiple UV stable color choices that blend naturally into any landscape. Ultra aluminum privacy fence is a dream come true for security and privacy needs.

Aluminum Privacy fencing has taken the turn from a functional separation of space to an incredibly unique aesthetic component of your outdoor living space. With multiple options to complement any style preference or desire. Creating privacy isn’t always an easy task, but Best Outdoor Living Products has the option to let your creativity run wild without the need to compromise for function. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our seasoned professionals if you have any questions. Helping with the design of your Aluminum Privacy Fence is something we pride ourselves on being able to provide.

Getting to the Finish

Accessories for our Aluminum Privacy Fence Panels are stocked and will easily accompany all orders so your installation can begin as soon as the product arrives at your home. Even after your receive your product, don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions about your install. Bridging the gap between purchase and a finished photo is something we take a passion for providing. We love to see the finished product from your purchase so if you would like to send a picture for us to display don’t hesitate.