Eclipse VP™ Privacy Fencing | Aluminum & Vinyl Fence

Aluminum & Vinyl Privacy Fence You Can Depend On

When you want solitude, you can achieve this with a high-quality, low maintenance privacy fence.

Introducing the Eclipse VP™ Privacy Fence. This fence is a combination of the two most durable fencing materials on the market, aluminum and metal. It consists of an aluminum frame with top, middle, and bottom rails and tongue and groove vinyl panels.

The Eclipse VP™ system is available in 8 ft. lengths with 6 ft. heights with 3” or 4” posts.

Why Should You Install The Eclipse VP™ Privacy Fence?

This fence won’t ever rot, crack, splinter, or peel. It doesn’t attract wood burrowing insects like carpenter bees and ants.

Maintenance is a breeze – simply wash the fence when needed with soap and dish water and a soft bristle brush or power wash it on a low setting.

This is a great option for do-it-yourself property owners! The aluminum fence frame is lightweight and easy to install. The vinyl tongue and groove boards simply interlock to create a strong barrier.

Privacy Fence That Comes With A Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Ultra Aluminum fence products are guaranteed for life against defects in workmanship and materials. When installed properly, this is a fence that will last a lifetime.