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We make a scale of Ornamental Aluminum Fence for every neighborhood, home style and application. For a low-maintenance, strong and durable ornamental fence with the classic wrought-iron look, choose Ultra Aluminum™ Fencing.

We use only the strongest aluminum alloys, and incorporate 20% more aluminum in all our rails than most of our competitors. All the components of our Residential Fences are individually designed and factory assembled with stainless-steel fasteners to ensure structural integrity. The entire assembly is protected with our Powercoat™ finish, a durable finish that is typically twice as thick as most other types of paints and enamels.

All Ultra Ornamental Aluminum Fence sections come factory pre-assembled in 6′ widths with a broad offering of heights–48″, 54″, 60″, and 72″. Other widths and heights may be available. Pickets are 5/8″ square x .050, and above the top rail can be straight, staggered, concave or convex. Spacing between pickets for Residential are standard at 3-13/16″ and optional 1-5/8″.

Each section easily follows modest changes in grade along your property lines, or can be factory designed to conform to more prominent hills and valleys.