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When purchasing a fire pit, it’s important to consider the factors that impact each model’s performance and user experience. Here are three factors to consider before buying a fire pit.
When it comes to your outdoor space, creating an area that feels like a retreat is sometimes easier said than done. But there’s one simple addition that can transform your backyard into a welcoming escape: a firepit. No other outdoor accessory creates that magical time together quite like a gathering spot for roasting marshmallows, cooking hot dogs, or simply watching the flames dance.


When deciding on what size to purchase, consider how many people are going to use it and what your intended use is. For example, if you plan on having gatherings around your fire pit, consider a larger model that emits enough heat to warm a crowd. If you want a fire pit for grilling food or warming a few people.

Fuel Source

Fuel source determines the amount of maintenance your pit requires. A wood-burning fire pit needs regular stoking to keep the wood lit at a constant temperature. However, propane fire pits depend on a tank to fuel its flame and can run at a constant temperature until the tank is empty.


Accessories that help protect the your outdoor pit from the elements or assist in starting a flame. Common accessories include rain covers to prevent rusting, fire pokers to safely move logs, and mesh lids to prevent unwanted ash and embers from spitting out of the fire.