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Outdoor Pergola and Shade Products

Outdoor living is wonderful; morning noon and night. One thing that makes it even better during the day is adequate shade. We all love the sunshine, but there is no doubt that too much direct sunlight during the dog days of summer can drive us indoors. Umbrellas and pergolas are some very smart ways to enable us to continue to spend more time outdoors. Our outdoor pergola options and Umbrellas come in many varieties and colors. Table mounted pool umbrellas are the most common and provide shade for specific smaller areas of the outdoor living space. There are other ways to bring the comfort of shade to larger outdoor living spaces.

An Outdoor Pergola can be quite a bit larger and provide broken shade to a larger area either attached to the home or free standing. These products are being used by open-air restaurants and coffee shops as well. Broken shade provided by a pergola is much more comfortable to sit under than direct sunlight. Today’s vinyl outdoor pergola offers a lifetime of worry-free service and low maintenance. Each vinyl pergola can be customized by adding more slats above the rafters to create even more shade.

The Phoenix Difference

The Phoenix vinyl outdoor pergola utilizes the “T Beam Connector” because it enables a greater span of the rafters between posts. This innovation provides more unobstructed shade than other designs. It is a testimony to American ingenuity and continuous improvement of the vinyl outdoor pergola and shade products that enhance outdoor living. The Phoenix vinyl outdoor pergola comes in several standard kit sizes. These will serve the needs of most homeowners and commercial applications.

There are a variety of options that will further personalize your outdoor living space. Internal LED lighting is available to provide a soft glow in the evening hours. Horizontal Vinyl slats added to the west face of the outdoor pergola between the posts will provide additional protection from the direct rays of the setting sun. This is another great idea that adds comfort and beauty to the outdoor living space. Retractable outdoor pergola curtains may also be added to the perimeter of an outdoor pergola to soften the penetrating rays of the sun during the late afternoon. This is particularly welcome at mealtimes and is in use by many restaurants for the comfort of their patrons. Homeowners also take advantage of this comforting and effective addition to the vinyl pergola.