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Vinyl Pergola Kits

Shade Structures

Everyone enjoys being outdoors when the weather is nice, especially with new Vinyl Pergola kits; spring, summer, and early autumn. Sunshine warmer temperatures and a cool breeze are enough to make anyone happy enjoying outdoor living. As the season rolls along, the temperatures continue to rise, then it gets hot. Sometimes too hot.

Many homeowners have worked on their backyards to make them more enjoyable. Adding a block patio, a deck, or a swimming pool with a concrete pad surrounding the pool area. Often when the sun gets high in the sky during the summer months many people head indoors. The heat from the direct sunlight becomes too much to bear so they retreat to the interior airconditioned climes. Giving up on enjoying the oasis they have created in the backyard is discouraging. Especially when one considers the considerable investment that is made to create a wonderful outdoor living space.

How Can A Vinyl Pergola Kit Help

So how can this situation be overcome? The shade such as vinyl pergola kits, of course. Ask anyone. The shade is much more comfortable to sit in than direct sunlight when the temperatures are higher. Even broken shade is much more bearable than sitting in direct sunlight during the heat of July, August, and early September in most of the country. Shade even structural shade can be obtained in many forms. Umbrellas suspended tarps overhead and vinyl pergola kits or pavilions.

Let’s discuss vinyl pergola kits. There are freestanding vinyl pergola kits that some call detached vinyl pergola kits. Then there are attached vinyl pergola kits, often sitting on decks that are also attached to the home. The attached designs will often utilize outer post locations in the railing system. This way they don’t use up more square footage of the floor space than necessary.

Attached Vinyl Pergola Kits

Attached vinyl pergola kits may face some different code requirements so do check with your local building code review and enforcement officials before moving ahead with this type of project. It always pays to “go by the book” as a minimum. Even better to overbuild when you know what you are doing. Let the building code be the minimum not the maximum quality level to which you approach any construction project. More often than not, people’s lives may depend on the quality of the construction applied in your backyard oasis. The attached vinyl pergola kits may utilize the existing rim joist of the second floor above the sliding glass door that is typical in so many home designs along the eastern seaboard or the mid-west.

Another method is to attach an exterior ledger to the home and use brackets to attach and support the rafters of the vinyl pergola kits. These rafters would then extend beyond the girder or beam that is sitting on or through-bolted to the sides of the posts at the outermost side of the vinyl pergola kits. Again, local building codes may determine how this detail is to be handled. Generally, the rafters are given some type of architectural design finish. This is a decorative detail. There are numerous trim options, and the homeowner should be the one to make this trim design choice as it makes no structural impact on the project.

Structural Support For Vinyl Pergola Kits

Since vinyl pergola kits are not load-bearing there are more variables in rafter spacing. Sixteen inches on center is common although there is a good argument for a twelve-inch spacing. It gives more shade and that is precisely why one builds vinyl pergola kits. Another very good idea for increased shade from the pergola is to install purlins or slats perpendicular to the rafters. When considering purlins above the rafters be aware that they will need to be attached to the rafters.

Consider the size of the men building vinyl pergola kits. Not everyone can squeeze in between rafters that are twelve inches apart and work to attach purlins to rafters. Space the purlins closer together for more shade, a bit further apart for less shade. Typical spacing for the purlins would be 6 to 12 inches apart. When this project is completed homeowners will be very pleased with how much of a difference the pergola makes. They will realize that they no longer need to run inside during wonderful mid-day hours. This time of day normally sees fewer flying insects than the evening hours as well thus making this time even more enjoyable.

Benefits of PVC Shade Structures

For this type of structural shade project, there are several choices of building materials. There are wood pergolas and vinyl pergola kits. Aluminum pergolas and even aluminum motorized “rafters” that will close at the push of a button and provide a total sunblock. Some are truly waterproof when closed completely and now this becomes a roof like that of a pavilion. At this point, the roof is load-bearing and thus will face different building code requirements.

Wood pergolas can be elegant when first installed. At some point, a new coat of stain will be needed and this can become quite a challenging chore. When that chore is considered from the beginning and decidedly overcome, there is little substitute for the warmth and soothing look of natural wood grain in an outdoor shade structure. Consider it a tradeoff and a labor of love.

PVC Shade for Today

Vinyl pergola kits are very popular today as they provide all the shade one can expect from a well-designed, structural shade component. Quality Vinyl pergola kits will last for many years to come with very low maintenance. Simple cleaning to remove any surface dirt is all that is needed in most situations. Consider doing this in late March or early April than at the end of the season like late September or early October. One thing is for sure there will be no need to stain the pergola when you choose to build with fine vinyl components.


Aluminum powder coated posts, rafters and purlins are also available on the market today. Certainly, they will be a bit more expensive than vinyl or wood. Powder-coated aluminum is available in more colors than vinyl and will open up to more design choices. An aluminum pergola will also be a very low maintenance addition to any backyard oasis. Seasonal cleaning is always a good idea to protect your investment.

Now any of these materials are suitable for building a free-standing pergola as well. The real benefit of free-standing vinyl pergola kits is that you decide where you want to create this unique destination. Many people choose to use this type of vinyl pergola kits as the frame for their outdoor living room. Fine outdoor furniture and an outdoor area rug with matching side tables or even a coffee table will bring the indoors outdoor. Nothing seems to be better than that.

Customer Service

Whether it is one of our Freestanding or Attached Vinyl Pergola Kits, your outdoor living ecosystem will forever change. Memories are created that last forever in the places we call home, and we know that our Vinyl Pergola Kits will be a fascinating addition to any memory. We are always here for any questions in the building of Pergola Kits or making design decisions. Either through phone or email a specialist can be reached to bring your mind to ease about making a pergola purchase.

So, spend some time considering how to incorporate vinyl pergola kits into your backyard oasis. You may find that a pergola will provide the needed features and benefits. It will add endless hours of enjoyment to every summer season.