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UltraMax Aluminum Railing

OUR EASY-TO-BUILD Boxed Railing Kits and Aluminum Stair Railing kits PROVIDE SAFETY AND HIGH QUALITY – AT A MORE REASONABLE PRICE. ULTRAMAX Aluminum Railing systems offer an elegant handrail profile and classic baluster configuration, in 4 textured colors. Above all, our Aluminum Deck Railing all comes together to form a custom look and feel that will work well with your home and landscaping design.

Simple installation is the key design element to the new Ultra Max® Railing Systems. Our UltraMax railing XacTemplate™ makes locating bracket placement in Ultramax Railing even faster. Simply screw brackets into place and drop your railing into the brackets. Additionally, Ultra offers ULTRAMAX Aluminum Railing stair kits that complement any project.

QUALITY = STRENGTH, for example:
ULTRAMAX Aluminum Railing Screws and Welds and is the only assembly that uses 1/4″ stainless screws. Ultra welds their Boxed Railing Kits and fastens all our posts, and our commercial posts surpass 1,200 lbs of pull.
Ultra Aluminum Railing is lightweight and is safer and easier to install. Once installed, our gates and fencing are more stable, requiring fewer adjustments. Heavier iron gates pull against their pillars, bringing about sagging, and difficulty in opening and closing. A gate can sag to the point where it denies entrance or exit. Not such a problem with Ultramax aluminum!

UltraMax Accessories

In addition to our Ultra Level and Stair section, UltraMax Aluminum Column Wraps and Newel Posts are the Perfect Addition to all your Porches, Decks and Walkways

Moreover, our easy-to-build Column Wraps and Newel Posts provide high quality at a more reasonable price. Ultra Aluminum™ offers 10 different gloss and textured colors, and two popular width options in all Boxed Railing Kits. So, it all comes together to form a custom look and feel that will work well with your home and landscaping designs.

ULTRAMAX Aluminum Railing on Your Porch

Many people across the country have homes with front porches. Some of them are just across the front of the home. Other houses have front porches that wrap around one side. Then there are the older styles that have true wrap-around porches. These are beautiful. Most of them were built before modern building codes and the joist spacing is uneven. On the same porch floor, it is not uncommon to see variable joist spacing from sixteen inches to twenty-four inches and anything in between.

Column Wraps Revive Old Porches

Of course all these older porches have wood railing systems and wood columns or posts. The floors generally slope away from the home on a slight grade. Usually just enough to let the water run off onto the ground. When the time comes to replace the wood posts and railing UltraMax Aluminum Railing is the finest choice you can make. Think about the advantages. Such as never needing to paint your railing again. That’s right, when you replace the old water damaged and neglected wood railing, get rid of the maintenance too. UltraMax Aluminum Railing will never demand much of your time.

Low Maintenance, Easy Clean

Think about it, a cleaning routine is pretty simple. Consider washing the ULTRAMAX Aluminum Railing with a hose one time in the early spring. Above all this prepares your porch for a wonderful spring and summer season of enjoyment. Now comfortably surrounded by a strong elegant and clean railing system.

At the end of the summer going into the Autumn clean the UltraMax Aluminum Railing by spraying well with fresh water from a hose. It is likely that is all that is needed. Now it is ready to endure the winter with no additional effort on your part.

Replace Wood Columns

The wood porch posts tend to rot at the base over time. Consequently, replacement or repair will become important in time. Therefore if you replace old posts with 4×4’s or 6×6’s you don’t need to paint them. Thus simply cover them with the beautiful ULTRAMAX Aluminum Railing Column Wrap. This four-piece system snaps together and protects the wood posts from the weather. The ULTRAMAX Aluminum Railing Column Wrap is powder-coated. Most often it matches the UltraMax railing. You can choose a complimentary color if you wish.

Be sure to utilize the ULTRAMAX Aluminum Railing accessories as well. Base trim rings and column loks offer what is needed for a professional finish. There are also Newel Post Kits available for covering railing posts that do not go all the way to the ceiling.

Finally, Aluminum Deck Railing, by ULTRAMAX Aluminum Railing, is quickly becoming a staple of any outdoor living oasis. Accordingly, there will be no rot or warpings like wood posts and railing are susceptible to. No staining. And so no real work involved in keeping the UltraMax Aluminum Railing looking great all year long. Simple cleaning a couple of times each year as discussed earlier. Matching ADA compliant secondary handrail completes the ULTRAMAX Aluminum Railing system. Our aluminum railing systems are beautiful and functional when compared to other aluminum railings for decks. ULTRAMAX Aluminum Railing is an easy choice for all your outdoor living needs.

ULTRAMAX Aluminum Railing for all your Needs

Many settings rely on the railing to provide safety and code compliance. Apartments, hotels, athletic facilities, businesses, and more utilize UltraMax Aluminum railing systems to add that finishing touch to any new build or remodel. Each project is easily built with our unbelievably separated aluminum railing boxed kits, meaning any setting is ripe for an aluminum Ultramax railing solution.

Ultramax aluminum railing offers all of the low-maintenance qualities of aluminum. Oftentimes, weather and other harsh conditions put railings to the test…. tests which Ultramax aluminum railing passes every time. Without having to fix rotting, splitting, or warping wood railing, you’ll have more time to enjoy your finished project!

More Than Just Function

Ultramax Aluminum Railing isn’t just a functional addition to provide safety to your home, but it is also the new standard for aesthetics and decor. We don’t just want to provide railing, we want to provide a new feel for the most important people in your life. Diy has taken on new meaning in the world we currently live in, as many of us are doing things we wouldn’t have before. Ultramax Aluminum Railing is the perfect solution to taking a problem and solving it yourself. We promise our UltraMax railing will change how you look at your next project.

Ultramax aluminum railing makes it so easy to quickly create a functional deck addition. Our aluminum railing is available in color options to fit any existing outdoor living decor. If you require help in the design or layout of your railing needs feel free to call or email us. With so many options to choose from, we are confident that we have the options and the knowledge to answer any questions.

Bring your deck or patio to new life with Ultramax railing, but also bring peace of mind. Your home will always be a sanctuary, so keeping those you love safe will forever be a priority. You can put trust your trust in Ultramax railing systems.