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Vinyl Railing by Phoenix Manufacturing

Our Vinyl Railing is engineered for strength:

  • We extrude our rail system components in compliance with ASTM (F-964-94).
  • We make all of our components with the highest quality ingredients.
  • Our rails look great, but the engineering inside makes them perform great too.
  • Phoenix Rail uses a unique and patented webbing inside the Alzar T-Rail to add strength.
  • Furthermore, we’ve also added an aluminum stiffener in all railings 5′ and over, as a result, our products perform better.

Pair with our Cloud Watcher Hammocks
Our Vinyl Railing has the maximum sun protection that technology currently allows. The Vinyl Railing and components contain the maximum amount of TiO2. Titanium Dioxide (TiO 2) is the compound that protects the rail from UV rays. Plus our PVC Rails are co-extruded so that the TiO2 is on the outer layer. Most noteworthy and all you need to know is that our PVC rails and components will never yellow. It’s guaranteed!