Screw Products Yukon #16 x 4"
Screw Products YUKON™ Structural #16

Screw-Products is a unique company. Started by Jim Miller an entrepreneur. He began this business with an idea. The idea of building the best screws on the planet. Looking at improving every attribute of the screw. Subsequently the design of the head had to be better so that it did not strip out when a person is installing it.  The surface area of a straight screw driver or a Phillips head was not enough. So he uses a six pointed Torx bit. This enables a greater surface area contact between the bit and the screw. He made the hole deeper so that it was less likely to strip out.

PICO 5lb Med White Head
Epic SS 300 5lb Med

He continued to improve other attributes. Next the tip needed to be sharper so that it started well and bit into the material in a hurry. The threads needed to be sharper to cut cleaner and faster for better long term holding power. Finally a knurled cutting surface adds to the effectiveness of underside of the screw head..

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We’re Fasten-ating! Screw Products, Inc. provides you with the all new GEN II Fasteners, The Ultimate Star Drive Wood Screws, DeckLok® – The Advanced Lateral Anchor, The Ultimate Hidden Deck Fastener & More! Find more information on our product lines below or view Product link above. Be sure to visit us at the trade shows listed and follow us online!

Aura 5lb Med White Head
NOVA Med Jar

Announcing Our New GEN II Line!

Screw Products, Inc. introduces their newly redesigned and upgraded GEN II Line of fasteners for 2020. These fasteners include some new (patent pending) features such as Horizon Curve Head, Turbine Ribs and Twin Blades. The fastener line includes: