The Best Fences For Rental Properties

The Best Fences For Rental Properties

Black fence made from aluminum around a dumpster

The installation of a fence on a rental property can add great value. The questions that every property owner should ask themselves is “why should I install a fence?” and  “which fence material and fence style is best for my property?”

Reasons To Install A Fence On A Rental Property 

Here’s why you should consider installing a fence on your rental property. 

Fences = Security 

One easy way to instantly increase the security of a property is to add a fence with a gate. This applies to single family rental homes and large apartment complexes. 

Renters With Pets Love Fences 

If you’re a property owner who allows renters to have pets, a fence is a great way to attract top tier renters. Dog owners in particular love the ability to let their pet off leash, whether it be in their own backyard or in a dedicated dog park provided by an apartment complex. A secure fence helps to keep dogs contained in a safe space where they can run and play. 

Property Boundaries Are Clearly Marked By A Fence 

Marking the property boundaries can help to ensure that the property is properly maintained by those responsible. 

Privacy Fences Can Hide Necessary But Unsightly Features 

Many apartment buildings have areas where dumpsters and recycling containers are placed for common use. A privacy fence can be used to keep these containers from standing out, creating a more attractive and welcoming atmosphere. 

There are many reasons to install a fence but which material is the best option?

Aluminum Fencing Is A Great Choice For Rental Properties

Our team loves to talk about the benefits that come with installing an aluminum fence! Here’s why this material makes a heavy-duty and long-lasting fence. 

Aluminum Fences Will Never Rot Or Rust 

Fences made from wood will, over time, absorb water from the environment. Even with yearly painting, staining, and waterproofing, wood has a shorter lifespan simply because it will eventually rot. Rotting wood weakens and will need to be replaced. 

Steel, although stronger than wood, will eventually rust and corrode. 

Aluminum will not rot or rust. This type of fence only needs to be replaced when serious damage occurs from an external force, for example, a tree falling on the fence. 

Insects Love Wood – But Not Aluminum 

Wood is naturally a material that is used by insects and other animals as a food source or even a shelter. Termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees are just a few of the insects that can do serious damage to a wood fence. 

Insects have no interest in aluminum, completely eliminating the possibility of insect damage. 

Fence Designs To Satisfy Any Style 

Aluminum fences come in a huge variety of heights, styles, and colors. It makes it so easy to find the perfect match for any residential or commercial property. 

Best Outdoor Living Products offers aluminum fences in ornamental designs, including picket style fences and privacy fences. 

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