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Ways To Enhance Your Community Pool

Fiberlite Las Olas pool umbrella

Building a community pool isn’t an easy task and it’s not as simple as installing the pool. HOAs, private clubs, and local communities can take steps to seriously enhance the area around their pool which will also enhance the experience that visitors have. 

Simple Ways To Enhance A Community Pool

Here’s a few ideas that might bring additional comfort and enjoyment to any pool area. 

Provide Outdoor Seating Options

There’s nothing like relaxing by the pool with a cool drink, talking to friends or reading a good book. In order to do that, however, there must first be a place to sit. 

Best Outdoor Living Products provides a wide variety of outdoor seating options. Adirondack Chairs are a classic choice. Made from recycled materials, this lightweight plastic patio chair is perfect for poolside seating because it won’t ever rot. Available in many colors and styles, the Adirondack Chair will be sure to please. 

Those looking for a seat with padding will love the Modular Seating options! Single chairs with arm rests are available or, design a full outdoor couch with sectional pieces that can be moved and reconfigured anytime. 

Seating can also be provided in the water! Pools with ledges should consider purchasing the Fiberlite Kai Pool Chaise. This luxurious chaise lounge can be filled with water so that it sits firmly on any appropriately sized pool ledge, allowing total relaxation in the pool! 

When you create comfortable conversation spaces, visitors won’t ever want to leave!

Invest In Umbrellas To Provide Shade Around The Pool 

Not everyone wants to spend the entire day sitting in the sun. Providing places to get out of the direct sunlight is essential. 

Providing the necessary shade is easy with Fiberlite Umbrellas. These umbrellas are framed in fiberglass and are extremely durable as well as flexible.

Fiberlite Las Olas pool umbrella - Outdoor Living Products

The fabric, which comes in a wide range of colors, is made from marine grade awning fabrics that are highly resistant to mold and mildew. 

Weighted umbrella bases will ensure that every Fiberlite Umbrella will remain stationary.

Add Fire Pits 

If space allows, create fire features around the pool. Pair Adirondack Chairs with the Fire Pit Table designed to match. Or, for a fire bowl that greatly reduces smoke, consider the Burly Fire Pit with a unique two piece design. 

Enhance Lighting Around The Pool 

The right lighting can create a relaxing ambiance. Depending on the pool area, it might be possible to add lighting on the post caps of railing, on the side of fencing or railing, or on stairs. These lights are easily installed and can make all the difference. 

Install An Outdoor Shower 

Many swimmers want to rise off both before and after getting in the pool. Outdoor showers can be installed for just that purpose. 

Made from high-quality vinyl and powder coated heavy gauge aluminum, Avcon outdoor shower stalls provide a private place to rinse off. Be sure to include a towel bar! Create an even more comfortable experience by including a corner bench or freestanding bench for visitors to put their clothing and other personal items. 

Upgrade The Pool Fencing 

There are many different types of fencing that can be used to create a safe and private pool fence, however, not all will last for years to come. 

Aluminum fencing that meets pool code is available at Best Outdoor Living Products. Aluminum fencing is durable, won’t ever rust, and is surprisingly affordable. Those looking for an option that provides additional privacy should consider the aluminum Eclipse Privacy Fencing available in our online store. 

Create A Welcoming Pool Space 

The right mixture of furniture, lighting, and other pool accessories will ensure that visitors will return again and again! Be sure to contact the team at Best Outdoor Living Products with any questions that you may have about our offerings.